Paddle - Oak with Walnut and Oak Letters - Kit

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Name of Big Bro
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21 Inch traditional oak paddle kit made with 100% REAL LUMBER.  THIS IS NOT CHEAP PINE.  LETTERS are also 100% REAL LUMBER which include American Walnut and Oak. Letters are SELF ADHESIVE and all you do is peel the back and stick them, there is NO MESS. OLD ENGLISH LETTERS and BLOCK LETTERS are made in our shop and cannot be purchased anywhere else.  Kit includes yours and your bros first name, spring or fall, year, and Big Bro and Lil Bro Joint words.  If crest and letters are needed, I sell those separately do to royalties for licensed groups.  Fully laser engraved paddles are also available.  Other wood symbols are also available on request. If you need group discounts due to tight budgets, I can help.  Please contact me for group deals. Please check out my other listing to see other work.