Phi Gamma Delta - FIJI - American Flag Letters in Crew Neck Sweatshirts

  • $ 57.58
  • Save $ 21.40

This is for a crew neck sweatshirt with the FIJI Letters and the American flag going through the letters.  Notice the flag, it was custom made to fit the FIJI letters.  This is not random fabric that makes the flag but an actual flag.  Although you might see something similar elsewhere, you will not see something of this same quality.  In addition to the flag letters I have used a satin stitch on my embroidery machine to create something that not only looks GREAT, but something that is made to last.  Apparel is available Sm - XL for this price but other sizes are available for a bit more.  If you are looking for a different color, please let me know.  I also offer group discounts if needed.  Thanks!